Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adventure to Ozzie Land 2012 Day 1 & 2

We're taking an earlier morning flight... My sisters are still trying to wake up and I'm forcing them to have a picture with me! We're finally going to Australia!!!!

Xiao Mei trying to be funny on our flight... It will be 8 hours before we touch down on Sydney's airport..

Early morning of day 2, I'm having my breakfast on the sofa, watching cartoons..

All ready to go out! As per Mummy's itinerary, we'll be doing some tourist 'thing'(what thing??? I wonder) today.. Sydney is very much a tourist place...

Taking a Cruise??? (No)
Going to the garden??? (no)

Finally.. the tourist 'thing' means having some pictures taken with the infamous Sydney opera house..

Found a friend there... She's lovely and friendly...
After going back to the apartment and taking a nap, we found a new stroller waiting for us! Mummy and Daddy went to buy a twin stroller for us.

After some vegetarian dinner, we have our dessert near the apartment.. Look at Kylie's face and you can tell this is some very yummy yogurt!

Xiao mei can't get enough of it!

It's my favourite too!
Finally our last photo of the day! Me and my 'slave' (just kidding)... Haaaaaa!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Taiwan!!!!

This is the many times Daddy and Mummy went to Taiwan but this is the first time they travel almost all of taiwan with us! WE have a great holiday thanks to Mummy's detail planning. I enjoy myself so much. I bet my mei meis love this holiday too! I'm looking forward to my next holiday!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

our first holiday together

Our first holiday together as a big family to Bintan! Mei mei learn how to swim and they love it as much as I do. I hope we can go on more holiday together! Thank you Daddy for taking us there..

Friday, May 6, 2011

my twin sisters

Xiao mei and me..
I love xiao mei

Xiao mei and Da mei

Da mei and me

In the hospital

I'm a big sister now! I have two mei mei... They are so cute.. I love them as much as they love me. Now at 5 months old, xiao mei love to play hide and seek with me. Da mei is more busy with tasting her fingers.

I will upload more photos of them soon... Mummy says they are too young to go out so now we seldom have the chance to take pictures..

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi all, has been a long time since I last logged in... With facebook, who blog??? Anyway, I don't have a facebook account but Mummy has been into facebook and has no time for my blog..

SInce I started schooling this year, I have little time for pictures.. But I still go on holiday.. Like the taiwan trip which is in March then Mummy got pregnant with my baby sisters so we nv went anywhere during the June holiday.. In Sept, we went to Hong Kong to meet up with Ah ma's sister which is my grandaunty Julie.. She is nice! I love her... I always stick to her when she meet us.. And the two beautiful Ah yi... They are very nice to me too.. Granduncle Edox is more chatty with Daddy and ah gong.. And the uncle Michael... hmmm... I seldom talk to him cos I'm always busy with grandaunty! HK is all about visiting Grandaunty family and Disneyland for me. Macau is boring as there is nothing much to do there. Nothing much to mention except the nice pools that has a bouncing castle for kids..

In early Oct, we went for our last holiday to Shanghai.. Where all pandas are.. I love pandas and we manage to meet two in the Shanghai Zoo. Actually it's not really a holiday. More of baby shopping for Mummy. Bought a pram for my baby sisters. Oh... I'll be meeting them in January next year! So excited! I've already started singing to them, hoping they will recognise my voice when they are out. I even bug mummy and daddy to buy them things when we are outside shopping so they have alot of clothings and toys when they are out. I'm preparing all my toys and my used clothing for them.. I love mei meis..

Hopefully Mummy will update my blog soon!

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dropping by!

Shanghai best egg tart!
Cute panda!

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

The Bund..

Everywhere ard the world is Macdonalds and its icecream

Don't dare me.. I eat almost anything!

On my way to shanghai!

Last strawberry for the rest of my life! heee!

Snoopy world!

Dim sum in HK with my HK Grandaunty


Finally taken a photo with Mickey..

Tokyo no buzz lightyear but HK have!

Smaller castle compared to Tokyo...

In Macau free shuttle bus

Live like a King

Those stairs is killing me!..

On cruise to Macau

Love sunny day

HK flight child meal

Hurrray.. going to HK with ah gong, ah ma and mummy, daddy